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Have You Tried Relentlessly to Make Money Online, But Failed Miserably?  Every Single Time?

Well you’re not alone!


We have each been there! Fergal, Max and myself.

We’ve invested thousands upon thousands of dollars, and years of our time, in hopeless “make money online” programs that simply don’t work!

We were victims of the “shiny object syndrome”, buying new programs pretty much on a weekly basis, and getting absolutely nowhere!

And if that sounds familiar to you, then things are about to change for you.

We’ve perfected a very clever, yet extremely simple system, that once set up, runs on complete autopilot, and requires about 5 minutes “work” a week.

And we’re releasing this system a few spots at at time, to a lucky few.

The fact that you’re on this page means your 95% on your way to online success.

All you need to do is join us and you’ll be on your way!


Why Should You Join Us?


Trevor, Fergal and Max are committed to ensuring their student’s success, and that’s why they came up with a DONE FOR YOU solution that would work for everyone, regardless of previous experience, success, skills or knowledge.

The 100k Alliance took 6 months to complete, ready to deliver to you, and is ready and waiting, just one click away from this page.

Here are some of the many reasons this is a total no brainer…

  • This is a DONE FOR YOU solution
  • You save years of learning, trial and error
  • You save thousands of wasted investments in programs that simply don’t work
  • You get to work closely with three Super Affiliates with $5 million under their belt
  • We have a fast track system to get you started on your way to $2,200 per month in 32 days
  • We’ll work with you, by your side until you reach that magical $10,000 per month figure
  • You’ll earn high ticket commissions with our  DFY funnel
  • No need to build your own offer
  • No need to do copywriting
  • No need to create sales pages
  • No need to to create sales videos
  • No graphic design skills required
  • No testing required – we’ve done all that for you too, so you don’t have to
  • No face on camera
  • No voice on microphone
  • We handle product delivery
  • We handle the support
  • Access to all future updates at no extra charge
  • You are grandfathered in at the lowest price regardless of how high we go
  • No extra charges – we host it on our servers
  • Private community for support, accountability and success


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One of Our Member’s, Richard, Just Turned 83…Age is Not an Issue, Experience is Not an Issue

I have bought a ton of shiny objectives in my time as an internet marketer. Most of them never paid me a cent. Then I came across 100K Alliance – and boom, it worked like a charm. One day, I woke up and was astounded to see $242 in earnings in my account and several others to boot. The tremendous benefits of 100K Alliance are a) the coaches, Fergal, Trevor, and Max, who stay with you until you succeed, and b) the helpful support of its members.  By the way, this program suits any age, young or old. Why don’t you come and join us? 

Richard Fontanie

100k Alliance Member

Snaphot of Richard’s earnings in affiliate commissions (USD) provided by Richard himself


We’ve never been so excited about something as we are acout the 100k Alliance.  And you have to think about this…the more money you make, the better for us!  Because we want success stories…and lots of them.


That’s why we are prepared to work with you until you get results.

Now, take a look at this conversation between Fergal and Trevor.  This is 100% genuine, and shows, with pure transparency, the power of this brand new opportunity…

Fergal:  Here’s some of the results I have had with it..
Trevor:  Nice! And this is part of the 100k alliance training?
Fergal:  yep.. thats the first traffic method I teach
Trevor:  Sick! And it takes pretty much no work once set up?
Fergal:  zero work… I just pay her once per month
Trevor:  I’m putting this conversation on the sales page! This is amazing!!!
Trevor:  I think I need to take the 100k Alliance training 😉

And Here Are the Commissions that Fergal Posted in that Conversation…

Need More Info? Watch the Full Webinar Here…

Special Offer $1,997 Just $497! Save $1,500 Here Today!

To Gain Instant Access to the Member’s Area, Click on the Add to Cart Button Now

“I joined 3 weeks ago and am already making high ticket sales after following the step by step videos in the course”

Brian has only been in the 100k Alliance a few weeks, but he has already started seeing high ticket sales

A family man from the UK, Brian decided to give the 100k Alliance a shot, and he’s so glad he did.

Can you imagine how it felt when he saw his first commision ping in at $311.85 and then in the same week another $314.91!  That’s $626.76 in pure passive income in less than one week.

See what Brian has to say about the 100k Alliance.

Watch his video testimonial now!

And here are the latest stats from Brian…

Posting in our 100k Alliance Facebook Group Brian said…

✅A little inspiration 💯
✅Just keep following the training 👊
✅The results will come 🔥

Brian took action, and now the momentum is building!

Max G, 100k Alliance Founder & Coach said…

Oh wow Brian Alcock make sure to NEVER stop what you’re currently doing! Days like these make you a top 10% earner in the world! Love to see these numbers! Super happy for you Brian! @everyone if you’re not taking enough action yet then take some inspiration from Brian, he just crushed it big time!!!

Fergal D, 100k Alliance Founder & Coach said…

Well done mate 

 Trevor C, 100k Alliance Founder & Coach said…

Come on!!!! Brian this is just bloody awesome my man!!!! Let’s gooooooooooooooo! 

“I’ve never earned no money affiliate marketing for the last 10 years…yesterday I had two sales! My God, I couldn’t believe it!”

John Waite had bought every shiny object for the past DECADE and hadn’t earned a single penny…then he joined the 100k Alliance…and all that changed!

How do you think it feels to try everything, get thoroughly disillusioned by the whole thing after trying everything and failing, and the one day you stumble across something that looks too good to be true, but you give it one more shot?

You’re worried, understandably, that you’ve just fallen foul of yet another shiny object, only to find it actually DOES WORK!

Well that’s what happened to John Waite! 

Watch his video testimonial now!

Brett Does it Again! Another $243.48 in Affiliate Commissions While Doing NO WORK!

It’s only been a week and already sales have started to come through. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been trying forever to make money online. And I just followed the steps, 1-2-3, A-B-C, easy peasy, and it’s great! We’re all on the way to $10k believe it or not! When I first started I said I’d be happy with 200 a month!

So this is as good as it gets basically, so please join us. I can’t praise it high enough.

Thanks again to Trev, Max and Fergal. you’ve put me on the way to success


100k Alliance Member

Effectively in for Free! It’s All Gravy from Here!

Brett said he would have been happy with an extra $200 a month, well today he doubled that, having already made almost $500 in the last 8 days, he’s well on the way to $2,200 in 32 days.

This is just amazing! We are so chuffed to see so many members making massive commissions, with no previous experience, and virtually no work.

Yet again more proof that this simple, yet super powerful system works like a dream!

And things are only going to get better and better!

Behind the scenes we are secretly testing more and more DONE FOR YOU strategies and will be literally handing all the winners over to our members.  We have one goal, and that’s to get as many 100k Alliance members as possible making as much money as possible!

And the crazy thing is, FULL MEMBERSHIP will only set you back $2,497 $497 right now!

But we WILL be increasing the price.  So if you want in, make the move and join us right now!


Brett Vox… “I’ve never made a bean before with affiliate marketing, and I just got the notification through… This is really significant for me, and I’m quite emotional as I write this message. Thanks Guys” Brett Vox

Neil Day, 100k Alliance Member

Due to Massive Demand, the Price for Entry to the 100k Alliance Will be Increasing Soon. Lock Yourself in at This Huge Discounted Rate Now… $1,997 $497


“I would be shocked if you’re not making your first $2,200 inside 32 days” Fergal Downes, Co Creator, 100k Alliance


You are about to enjoy regular low, mid and high ticket commissions, as we build your entire internet marketing business for you. Tested to work, with no trial and error, ready to go, we are about to hand it over to you!

And we’re not going to give it to you and leave you to your own devices!  We’re going to stay with you every step of the way, to ENSURE YOU GET TO $10,000 PER MONTH with this method.

We are handing you our $10k per month business, so you can enjoy the same.

There’s never been an offer quite like this, and we can only let so many people in at a time to make sure we can work with our new 100k Alliance partners and guide them to $10k per month.

So click on the button now and join us!

Kunal wakes up to $240.52 in affiliate commissions!


Kunal was delighted to wake up and discover he’d banked a whopping $240.52 while he slept.

And this is the beauty of the 100k Alliance.  Everything has been tried and tested so we know it 100% works.

And more and more members are getting results, and we’ve only been open a matter of days!

On seeing his overnight sales come in, Kunal posted in the 100k Alliance Facebook Group “Yoo…hoo….Super excited guys😝🤩🤩 I made a KooooL $240.52 from a sale of 100k Alliance. Thank you so much Trevor, Fergal and max for this wonderful opportunity.”

This works, and it works well.

To join us and get started making your own commissions, just click on the Add to Cart button and within minutes you’ll be on the inside.



We are only opening 20 spots to begin with for this life changing offer.  Whether you’ve never made a penny online, or you need to make more, this is your opportunity to thrive.  You will be grandfathered in at the price you pay, with NO rebills, and no more money to pay, even when we raise the price of the 100k Alliance to $2,497, you will still have our support, and will not need to pay another cent.

“Another Great Wake Up Call this Morning… Keeeeerrrrrrrching! 8 sales overnight and $105.86 in MY pocket”

Holy Guacamole! Neil Does it Again!

Brand new 100k Alliance member Neil Day strikes again with another EIGHT SALES while he slept!

So he went to bed, slept, had sweet dreams, and woke up to an extra $105.86 in his account.

In Neil’s own words… “Thanks Max … Proof that it works!! 🤟👍”

100k Alliance Member Neil Day Took Action…and it Paid Off the NEXT DAY When He Woke Up to Multiple Affiliate Commissions!

So here I was, congratulating Neil on taking action on the 100k Alliance, and the VERY NEXT MORNING he posts to say he’d got his first affiliate commissions.

So there you have it.  Absolute proof that the system works like a charm.

This is just the beginning for Neil, and for the rest of our members as they join the brand new 100k Alliance.


Neil Day…“Must admit I didn’t expect sales this quick. Just goes to show it DOES work. It can only be onwards and upwards from now on 🤞”


We are only opening 20 spots to begin with for this life changing offer.  Whether you’ve never made a penny online, or you need to make more, this is your opportunity to thrive.  You will be grandfathered in at the price you pay, with NO rebills, and no more money to pay, even when we raise the price of the 100k Alliance to $2,497, you will still have our support, and will not need to pay another cent.

Jorge Strikes Gold!

Jorge was only in the 100k Alliance for days when he struck gold and made $386.96 in a single day.

This just shows the power of what we have here for you.

It works. Simple as that!  You join, you get started, you get results!

But every day that you wait, delay, hesitate, is an extra day that you WON’T be making money!

So come on.  Invest in your future, right here, right now!

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